Sheldon Morales

Essentially an excellent keyboard musician, Sheldon also sings very well. He started playing the piano at age five, beginning formal piano lessons at age eleven. Playing music in church with a score enhanced an aural awareness of music. Academically, he has achieved A.T.C.L. and L.T.P.C.L. in piano performance and plans to work towards further diplomas.

His music teachers were M. Nimblett and Lindy-Ann Bodden-Ritch. He himself is now a music teacher. As a singer, he has contributed to the success of the Lydian male choir in being adjudged Most Outstanding Adult Choir. He has toured with the Lydian Singers, but his most treasured musical experience is a 1996 recital at St. Thomas Anglican Church.

Sheldon is also musically associated with the St. Thomas Anglican Church choir and the Montrose Government School. In addition, he directs his own children's choir - The Young Musicians.