Board of Directors & Management Team


The Board of Directors:
Chair – Professor Sterling Frost
Vice Chair – Dr. Lesle Ann Whiteman
Director & Chair, Human Resource Committee – Mrs. Gillian Chevrotiere
Director & Chair, Fundraising and Marketing Committee – Ms. Carla Roach
Director & Chair, Finance Committee – Dr. Jennifer Jones-Morales
Director – Mrs. Nicole De Freitas
Director – Ms. Alicia Fisher
Director – Mrs. Dawn Callender
Director – Mr. Elson James
Supernumerary Director – Mrs. Marielle Cooper-Leach
Supernumerary Director – Ms. Glenis Potts
Secretary – Mr. Kory Mendez
Assistant Secretary – Mr. Anton Williams


The Management Team:
General Manager -  Garnet Allen
Assistant General Manager - Joseph Knights
Treasurer - Dennis Roberts
Interim Musical Lead - Carl-Anthony Hines
Co-Captains Lydian Steel - Astra Noel & Tonya Perouze
Technical Officer - John Alexander Beard
Recruitment Officer - Christine David Lewis
Wardrobe Officer - Claudette Edwards
Communications Officer - Janine Charles-Farray
Welfare Officer - Christine Chan A Shing

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