Our Mission Statement

We believe in God. Our belief demands that we live in service of God's Greater Glory.
We recognise that music is a gift and that the ability to perform it is a grace - this leads us to develop our skills to their fullest and to give to all who wish, our cooperation and support that they may develop their own ability.

We recognise that our improvement as musicians will be achieved only through unrelenting effort, through practice and discipline, through accepting instruction and by our willingness to be patient as we teach and encourage others.

The fruit of our effort we offer only to God -
to feed His hungry
to heal His sick
to educate His untaught.

We offer our song as well:
to bring solace where there is grief,
to mark his presence where there is joy,
and to bring His Name to all people.

We set ourselves the goal of excellence; Perfection will not be achieved in our mortal lives but that knowledge does not remit our effort, for we know that if judged worthy, we shall hear the Perfect Harmony, Eternal; as we return to God.